Licensing Info

Curtis Licensing is the licensor of Norman Rockwell's universally famous artwork from The Saturday Evening Post and The Country Gentleman magazines, including over 300 of his most recognizable and beloved works.

Curtis Licensing licenses over 4,000 cover art images from more than 500 American artists and illustrators of the past century including:
Norman Rockwell E.M. Jackson
Anton Otto Fischer George Hughes
J.C. Leyendecker Charles Livingson Bull
Richard Sargent Ellen Pyle
N.C. Wyeth Frances Tipton Hunter
Thornton Utz Neysa McMein
Sarah Stilwell-Weber Eugene Iverd
Albert Staehle John Lagatta
Steven Dohanos Alan Foster
Mead Schaeffer Henry Soulen
John Falter Constantin Alajalov
J.F. Kernan Paul Bransom
John Clymer John Atherton
Rockwell's images have been licensed by hundreds of advertising agencies, manufacturers and promotional companies around the world to enhance their products, their message and their image, making this treasured archive one of the all time greatest licensing success stories. Recent licensees include Walt Disney, Mercedes Benz, Kodak, Pepsi, Chevron, Prudential and Nike's Cole-Haan shoe division.

Rockwell / Saturday Evening Post images are the basis for high profile collectibles like figurines, steins, ornaments, music boxes and bronze sculptures in addition to a wide variety of products including fine art prints, greeting cards, wall clocks, lamps, apparel, dinnerware, wristwatches and afghans, to name a few.

Norman Rockwell's timeless popularity has been recently fueled by America's yearning for the gentler, simpler times which his artwork so masterfully depicts. His endearing, often humorous and sometimes poignant illustrations capture the collective soul of the public, evoking powerful human response. Now is a perfect time to consider licensing artwork from The Saturday Evening Post in your product line, corporate communications, advertising/promotion campaigns or media productions.